Monday, 31 January 2011

Getting ready to go!

Hello Everyone!
Gah! Am just about organised (a definate first for me!) and tying up the loose ends before actually going on February 26th. T'is all a bit surreal at the moment and I have a horrible feeling that the reality of it will only sink in on the plane; but at least then I'll have 16 hours to get my head round it!
Though there's still about a month to go, I wanted you guys to know that I will be keeping up as best I can with birthdays and miscellaneous anniversaries. The birthday book is coming along with me! So i'll be buying lovely Chinese type things and sending what I can. At the lastest you will have your paws on them by September and techincally have an honourary extra birthday!
This blog may be the best way to stay in touch as you all know that technology and I are not the best of friends but we'll see. 
Will actually add a useful travelling post soon! 
Hugs to all you smiley folks xxx